What is PRP Hair Restoration?

PRP platelet-rich plasma therapy for hair loss is a medical treatment with three steps where a person’s own blood is drawn, processed, and rejected into the scalp to see benefits in hair regrowth.

PRP injections I saw to trigger natural hair growth through the increased blood supply to the follicles in the scalp. This increases the thickness of the hair shafts. It can be combined with some other approaches to remedy hair loss, but can also be performed well on its own.

There hasn’t been a concise proof whether or not PRP is effective in hair loss treatment for men and women, however, it has been in use in some way shape or form since the 1980s. PRP has been used not just to  Revitalize the hair follicles, but also to heal injuries like tendons, ligaments, and muscle tears.

How does PRP Therapy work?

PRP Therapy for Hair Restoration Works in a simple three-step process. Most of the time, three to four treatments will be recommended with four to six weeks in between them.  Maintenance treatments are required to maintain the full effect.

Step 1

Blood is drawn, usually from the arm, and entered into a centrifuge. A centrifuge is a machine that spins, separating fluids of different densities in two separate fluids that can then be taken out separate from one another  And use for different applications.

 Step 2

 what is separated into three components after spending in the centrifuge.  The three parts are known as platelet poor plasma, platelet rich plasma, and red blood cells.  Platelet rich plasma is what is then going to be re-injected into the scalp or whatever other area is being treated via PRP Therapy.

 Step 3

 platelet rich plasma is drawn into a syringe and injected into the scalp in areas needing hair regrowth.  We’ve seen PRP be effective for patients in Chicago, but there is no official research proving 100% whether or not PRP is effective.  It is not a guarantee but often works and shows results for our patients.

 Side effects of PRP hair restoration

You wouldn’t be at risk for any type of communicable disease because the blood that is used in PRP hair treatment is your own. Still, though, any therapy involving injections has a risks of the basic side effects like:

  1. Injury in the area to the blood vessels or nerves involved
  2.  Infections
  3.  injection Point calcification.
  4.  Scar Tissue developing at injection points

If you were familiar with any other type of injection based therapy, you’ll notice that most of these are the same as with any other type of injection. There’s also some risk of having a negative  reaction to any type of local anesthetic used to prepare you for therapy. We always check with patients to make sure what their tolerance is for the anesthetics, but if you are having therapy performed somewhere other than Chicago cosmetic Institute, please make sure your doctor goes over these with you.

Am I a good fit for PRP Hair Restoration?

You need to have a talk with your doctor where you report all of the medications you’re on before you look into a procedure like this. That includes herbal supplements and vitamins that you’re taking. When you go for your initial consultation, There are situations where we wouldn’t think you’re a good candidate for PRP. Only a consultation will tell you for sure what is and is not a problem.

How much does PRP Hair Restoration cost?

We can’t speak on prices at other offices, but here is a breakdown of the prices for PRP Hair Restoration in Chicago at Chicago cosmetic Institute. We’ve also included the pricing for PRP facial Rejuvenation injections with and without micro-needling. 

(insert pricing section.)


If you’re interested in regaining your hair in a more natural way than getting hair plugs or other types of cosmetic treatments for hair, ask your doctor about the possibility of PRP hair restoration. Chicago Cosmetic Institute is available for consultations to see if you would be a good fit. For more information, you can contact us online or call the office at (773) 231 9671

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