Have you found a skin tag recently? They don’t cause for alarm. Most are harmless. They can affect your confidence, though, which makes a difference. In this article, we discuss skin tags, what they are, and how you can find and remove them safely.

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What is a skin tag?

A skin tag is a small, benign skin lump that develops around the creases of the skin. Unless it becomes infected, it is strictly a cosmetic issue.

They are most often found around armpits, neck, and groin areas. Seen on the face, they are usually around the eyelids. Around the eyes, skin tags can sometimes affect vision. Basically, anywhere you would see the skin folding or creasing either constantly or due to movement is at risk of developing skin tags.

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Certain diseases like Crohn’s disease are associated with an increased chance of skin tags.

Skin tags are about the size of a grain of rice. In some cases, they can be up to a half-inch in length. If any larger, have a doctor take a look. You are better off having it looked at and diagnosed by a doctor.

What causes skin tags?

Skin tags are commonly thought to come from friction. It has never been proven completely, but this is likely the case. This is why you will see them sprout up in places where the skin often has contact with other skin.

Studies have linked skin tags with impaired carbohydrate metabolism. Skin tags could be a warning sign of this kind of disorder, meaning they could mean a patient is at risk of diabetes mellitus type 2.

Such a link has never been officially proven. Elevated blood sugar and insulin increase the incidence of skin tags through an unknown mechanism.

Most patients come to us for cosmetic reasons. People do not like the appearance of their skin with skin tags or they experience discomfort when they are caught in jewelry or rub against clothing.

Can skin tags cause health issues?

A skin tag is a purely cosmetic issue. Skin tag removal is performed to enhance the appearance of the skin. They are harmless and painless.

The procedure is quick, easy, and very common. The skin tag removal cost is small compared to other procedures.

Melanoma can sometimes be similar in appearance to a skin tag and can be harmful. You will usually be able to tell the difference because skin tags are small at the base (stem), while melanoma growths are more similar to moles and round or oddly shaped in appearance. Have a doctor check for you to be sure.

Skin tag removal cost

Though it is commonly thought that you can remove skin tags at home with the help of simple nail clippers, it isn’t recommended. It isn’t that you can’t do it yourself. It is that removal of any skin blemish or issue needs to be done in a sterile environment. Otherwise, you are at risk of infection that could cause much more serious problems. You also risk damaging the surrounding skin when you try to do this at home.

Aside from that, without visiting a doctor to examine the issue, you have no way of knowing if your skin tag could be an indication of a more serious issue.

If you want to get rid of skin tags safely and in a sterile environment by a professional, visit a local dermatologist or cosmetic surgeon. Skin tag removal cost is minimal, so it is nothing to worry about financially. There is no recovery time. Just a simple bandage will usually do the trick and get you healed up and on your way. Insurance will even cover the cost in some situations.

For detailed pricing on skin tag removal in Chicago, get in touch with us.


How are skin tags removed?

Skin tag removal happens in two ways. They can be either cut from the skin with a surgical scalpel or burned away with heat. Occasionally, the blood supply is also cut off, leading the tag to darken and die. It will usually fall this way in 2-3 weeks on its own.

Cutting away skin tags

Skin tags by nature have a small stem that connects them to the skin. The easiest, fastest way to remove skin tags is usually by snipping them off at the base and bandaging the small cut that is left behind.

Moles, on the other hand, can be rooted more deeply and require deeper cutting to remove.

Burning away skin tags

Skin tags can be burnt off at the same base targeted with cutting. Skin tags are removed when the narrow stem at the base is broken through with the hot wire. Burning skin tags off also prevents bleeding.

The procedure can cause a small amount of pain. Your doctor will numb the area with an anesthetic before removing the skin tag. If there is any bleeding, it will be stopped and a bandage will be applied until the site is completely healed.

There are usually no scars or dark marks left behind by skin tag removal.

Freezing away skin tags

Using liquid nitrogen, the mole or skin tag is swabbed, sometimes leaving a small blister behind that heals on its own.

Skin tag removal specialists in Chicago

Chicago Cosmetic Institute has doctors and medical staff standing by fo help with skin tag removal. The Cosmetic Institute has located conveniently in North Center Chicago. We help hundreds of patients with this simple procedure every year; helping them feel better in their own skin.

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