Millennial life brings with it a heap of hurdles. Cosmetic neck issues for one, dubbed “tech neck.” Tech neck comes as a result of too much time spent on the phone, laptop, or computer. Not just that, people who look down a lot in general are at risk. This means artists and writers just as much as techies. Constant bending of the head downwards promotes bad posture and lazy facial muscles. Double chin and other cosmetic issues can come as a result.

Younger patients than ever before are coming in to talk about procedures like neck lifts. According to Doctor Gutowski of Chicago Cosmetic Institute, neck consults are on the rise with younger and younger patients every year. Our little “black mirrors” seem to be the culprits.

Dermatologists, cosmetic specialists, and skin care specialists of all kinds are implementing new ways to minimize the damage that can be caused by tilting of the head. The results of checking your Instagram constantly throughout the day may lead to pretty serious cosmetic issues down the line.

Training yourself to prevent tech neck

We dont come with only bad news…

It isn’t easy to change bad habits, but the good news is that it is possible. Here are a few recommendations to prevent facial and neck issues later on in life:

Arch your back

Your overall spinal posture can help or hurt your chances of developing tech neck over time. Trying to keep your shoulder blades pinched together will stretch out your chest muscles. They can become shorter and weaker as you hunch over and lean forward to check your phone or work on your laptop.

Keep your head up

As a final tip, we recommend simply bringing your phone upwards when you want to check it. By lifting your phone up to the level of your face, you will prevent yourself from having to lean down to look at it.

The same goes for raising the height of your computer screen or putting a few text books under your laptop before getting to work.

Medi Spa treatments for the neck

If you are going to look into treatments that can help with these issues, we have them available in the medi spa. Some of the best known spas in the country are located right here in Chicago.

We offer the lastest in high tech procedures to lift lax skin, firm your jawline, and erase wrinkles.

If you want additional information on any of the procedures we have avialble for the neck, check out our “face” page or give us a call!


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