It’s not something to be embarrassed about. Millions of men in America are living with “man boobs,” better known in the medical community as gynecomastia. It is not always something unhealthy, rather just something people dont like the look of and want to be removed from them for cosmetic reasons.

They can affect your confidence and the way you look at yourself. Lack of confidence about your appearance can lead to you not wanting to get out of bed in the morning. It can restrict the places you go, who you want to see, and the things you do. Chicago Cosmetic Institute is all about helping people in the Chicago area look and feel their best with minimally invasive procedures.

There are things that can be done if you feel you have excessive male breast tissue or “man boobs.” We refer to it as Gynecomastia Surgery and it is what we will be covering for the duration of this post. Male breast reduction is more common than you might think. It is the most effective treatment for enlarged male breasts.

Male breast tissue surgery

A male breast reduction is the best way we commonly know of to reduce the shape and size of the male breast. We do so by removing some of the excess fat and glandular tissue in the breast surrounding the pectorals. The surgery restores the chest to a flat, firm, masculine look and shape.

If you are the kind of person who is limiting your daily activities where you will need to show your chest, you are a good candidate for this kind of surgery.

Many of the men who have this procedure done with us say they feel comfortable going shirtless for the first time in many years. It is a major boost to self-confidence.

Why not just work out and diet?

Generally, diet, exercise, and weight loss will lead to a reduction in the size of the male breast, as well as all other parts of the body, but not always. Your genetics are largely to blame for the positive and negative features of your body. Some men simply have more breast tissue than others.

It is not only the breast tissue itself but the glandular tissue, as well. Even very lean patients can notice enlarged breasts due to excess glandular tissue. No amount of diet and exercise will correct this completely.

Choosing the right surgeon for the job

Excellent results in cosmetic surgery require a specialized hand and someone with experience in the procedure. You should vet your doctors carefully in your area and choose a surgeon with a successful track record.

If you are located in or near Chicago, Dr. Gutowski and Chicago Cosmetic Institute have the certifications and experience necessary to perform expert surgeries like male breast reduction and more.

Using liposuction to treat gynecomastia

Advances in the field of liposuction and the ways we perform it are allowing more gynecomastia cases than ever before to be treated with lipo. There is a far wider variety than ever before on minimally invasive techniques.

Choose a doctor in your area who specializes in male breast reduction using liposuction. If you want more information on all of the liposuction treatments we offer at CCI, click here.

How is liposuction for male breast reduction done?

Male breast reduction using liposuction is performed using local anaesthesia. Sedation or general anesthesia is also usually used.

To start, a small incision is made in the breast on each side. Depending on your needs and the techniques of your surgeon, incisions can be made along a portion of the nipple or in the armpit as well.

The liposuction hose is inserted through these incisions, allowing surgeons to remove glandular tissue as well as excess fat from the area. At the same time, they sculpt a new shape to the chest that looks natural and fits with your body.

Recovery time

Since the entirety of the procedure is happening through the use of these small incisions, it is considered less invasive. The recovery process is much easier than that of more surgical measures.

Patients are asked to wear compression garments for the first week or so after surgery. This helps the chest heal, reduce the risk of infection, and keep everything “together” while it is healing and mending itself under the skin. Compression clothing also reduces the possibility of swelling.

You will typically be asked to refrain from heavy physical activity for a period of about 3 weeks, but many men return to work just a few days after their lipo procedure.

Everyone heals at a different rate, and it is important to understand yours. Let your body tell you when you re ready to continue working or hitting the books for school. Your surgeon should give you a customized plan of recovery after your surgery that is customized just for you.

Surgical male breast reduction with tissue excision

When you are dealing with a more severe case of gynecomastia, it sometimes requires surgical removal of tissue to achieve the best results. Patients who have stretched and sagging skin around the area will usually require this approach.

Manual tissue removal, as opposed to hose removal via liposuction, allows the surgeon to remove more of the glandular tissue and skin that cannot be treated with liposuction alone.

How is it performed?

The location and length of the needed incisions depend on the extent of surgery being performed. Typically, incisions are located near the edge of the areola or inside the natural creases of the skin. Part of being a good surgeon is using the contours of the body to naturally hide scarring from surgeries as much as possible.

Recovery process

The recovery for male breast reduction with tissue excision is similar to that of the liposuction-based procedure. However, patients can experience more soreness and swelling.

Rather than just a couple of days, it takes most patients about a week before feeling ready to go back to work. Gradual return to exercise is permitted after the first couple of weeks.


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