Eyelid Surgery (Blepharoplasty): 3 types of eyelid surgeries and the things you should know about them

Eyelid surgery is used to alter the shape and appearance of the eyelids. This can be done to simply change the look or for medical reasons.

Cosmetically, double eyelid surgery is done to correct the look. This is seen often in the Asian community when a fold above the eyelid is desired for what some consider a better appearance.

When done medically, we are correcting the droopy eyelids that sometimes develop with age. Gravity can often take its

In this short article, we will take a deeper dive into the subject of blepharoplasty; providing you with some of the background and the things you should know before calling to schedule an appointment.

Every eyelid surgery is performed for different reasons

No two eyes are the same, no two pairs of eyes are the same, and no two eyelid surgeries are the same! There are different categories of eyelid surgeries. For the purposes of this article, we are going to get into three of them.

Double eyelid surgery vs single eyelid surgery

All eyelid surgeries can be broken down into double or single eyelid surgeries.

Usually, double eyelid surgery is performed when cosmetic surgery is done. Most cosmetic patients desire symmetry of some kind that we are either creating or helping them to achieve. The exception would be a situation where there is something specific being removed from the eye or fixed after an injury. 

Different types of eyelid surgery

Here are 3 types of commonly performed eyelid surgeries and information about them. If you would like for us to talk about more, make sure to let us know in the comments!

Asian eyelid surgery

Chicago Cosmetic Institute is a top provider of Asian eyelid surgery in Chicago. It is our most frequently performed surgery for the eyes.

Asian eyelid surgery is performed for a crease or a longer crease along the top of the eyelids, which Asian eyes often don’t have genetically. This can improve the appearance of the eyes as well as remove some skin that could droop over time and affect vision.

We must take factors of age and gender of the patient into account to properly perform this surgery. There are incisional as well as non-incisional options depending on the desired results for the patient.

Asian eyes are different by design

The Asian eyes are one of a kind and need to be treated that way when performing surgeries. Use a well-regarded, experienced surgeon when having yours performed. One who cares will ask the right questions and has years of experiences backing him/her up.

  • It’s important for the surgeon to avoid removing too much of the skin or fat around the eyelid. This is a common mistake often made by less experienced surgeons.
  • The differences in anatomy from patient to patient need to be accessed. Make sure to listen for this kind of language when talking with your surgeon.
    In the Midwest and Chicago areas, you can always get in touch with Dr. Gutowski at CCI.
  • Some patients already have a crease. Some have a partial crease or a lack of symmetry that can be corrected rather than adding the full crease.
    Depending on your anatomy, the fold can be positioned 2-3 mm above the lid (fine crease), 4-6 mm (medium crease) or 7-10 mm (deep crease).

Droopy eyelid surgery

(insert picture here)

The “droopy eyelid” surgery is done to remove some of the upper eyelid droops that can come because of genetics and aging. Excess skin and sagging around the eyes is removed, resulting in a smoother, more youthful appearance.

Sometimes there is a crease added to the upper eyelid, much like in Asian eyelid surgery.

Non-invasive alternatives for eyelid surgery

There are many non-invasive options available for eyelid surgeries as well. “Hooding” of the eyelids can be corrected. Surgery isn’t always needed. We tell many patients to explore some of the wonders of the medical spa here in Chicago before seeking surgical options.

  • Botox

    – Botox is a great alternative to getting surgery for the eyes to improve appearance. Botox can be placed around the eyes, in the muscle.
    often it is the muscle, not the skin, that makes the eyelid droop. You can counteract that with a simple injection into the upper eyelid area. They will become more powerful, giving them a lift.
    Botox can be injected directly into o the brow line also. This can yield some of the same results and a very nice elevation of the brow line.

  • Dermal Fillers

    Can be used to fill the area that is dropping to give a fuller look without surgery for the eyes. The bags that form under the eyes can often be corrected this way.
    Puffy eyes can be remedied with filler in the cheeks to elevate them to the level of the bags. This will mas the puffiness.

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Make sure to get in touch with us if you think there is anything we can add to make this guide even better!


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