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CoolSculpting Event September 20th

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Have you heard of CoolSculpting? It is a relatively new procedure that is able to freeze your fat and get rid of it for good, non-surgically.

Now is a good time to learn the ins-and-outs of this revolutionary new procedure. CoolSculpting is able to transform your appearance in meaningful ways without the need for surgery like Liposuction

There is no recovery time needed when you choose CoolSculpting. You can pack a CoolSculpting session into a work day, a busy weekend, or any time at all.

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Who will be there?

Our team of experienced CoolSculpting providers will be on-hand to answer any of the questions you may have. We will be showing you the ropes in a relaxed, social environment.

Chicago Cosmetic Institute is hosting a CoolSculpting event next month, September 20th. We are going to be giving information about CoolSculpting, how you can have it done, how long it takes, the experience, and more.

Reserve your spot at the event today

Give us a call to reserve your spot at our CoolSculpting event. Spaces are limited and fill up quickly. We will be giving away CoolScultping discounts to people attending the event!

You can call us at 773-989-1853 or register online anytime. The event will be taking place at Chicago Cosmetic Institute in North Center Chicago.

CCI is a full-service plastic surgeon in Chicago, Illinois specializing in surgical as well as non-surgical cosmetic procedures. Under the supervision of Dr. Karol Gutowski, we perform medical spa treatments, dermatological treatments, and plastic surgeries.



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