If you’re looking to correct the size or shape of your chin, you may have come across the possibility of cosmetic chin surgery or jawline contouring in your online research. These are surgical procedures used to rehape the chin. Depending on the patient’s needs, this can be a reduction or an enhancement.

Here are some of the important things you need to know and questions answered about chin surgery (mentoplasty).

What is chin surgery?

Plastic surgery and other procedures can be performed on the lower jaw line and chin area. This improves proportions of the overall face and can help with your confidence and self-esteem if they are hurting the way you feel about your face or chin.

These procedures are aimes at improving balance and symmetry. Board-certified plastic surgeons recommend them to improve the harmony and balance of the face, leading to a more desirable chin to jaw, cheek, and forehead balance.

When does it involve jaw surgery?

Sometimes the jaw itself needs to be moved to achieve the best result. It is usually moved forward. This is referred to as mentoplasty or genioplasty. Otherwise, silicone implants can be used to help the chin project further out.

On the other hand, bone can also be removed if the desired effect is a smaller chin or jawline. This can be recommended if your chin is projecting too far. Sometimes these jawline and chin procedures can also positively impact chewing ability and remove occlusions and change how your teeth fit together.

When is chin and jaw surgery recommended?

If you are interested in reducing or enhancing the appearance of the chin, changing the shape of the jaw, or even considering a rhinoplasty procedure. Sometimes this is recommended to go along with or insead of rhinoplasty because the size of the chin can impact the percieved size of the nose.

What are the non-surgical options?

If you are looking to enhance the look and/or shape of the chin but are not interested in surgery, your plastic surgeon could suggest use of FDA approved gel fillers. These can augment the chin area but generally last for a shorter time and need to be refreshed periodically to maintain results.

Summary notes

If you’re interested in reshaping the size and/or shape of the chin and jaw, speak to one of the surgeons at Chicago Cosmetic Institute. They’re highly sought after in Chicago because of their experience, patient rapport, and success stories. Speaking to a surgeon will help you set realistic expectations and achieve the best possible result in your specific case. 

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