Botox, as you probably know, is used to relax the muscles under the skin (usually around the forehead, eyes, and mouth) to loosen the wrinkles that lie above. Botox has medical applications as well, though. Botox for migraines works by using the same neurotoxin injected around fibers involved in headaches. When it enters these nerve endings, it blocks them, effectively stopping the transfer of painful feelings. This will stop the brain from perceiving the pain that you feel on a regular basis with your migraines.

This guide will help to answer all of the Botox for migraines frequently asked questions with easy to understand answers for you to learn while you research your options. Usuing botox as a way to stop migraines is generally not the first choice you would make, but when all else fails, it is an effective solution. 

How does Botox for migraines work?

Botox for migraines works very much the same as Botox for wrinkles or any other undesirable cosmetic flaw. It is injected in a micro-dose in the area where the nerves are causing migraine pain. It is meant to block the release of chemicals which will trigger the sensation of pain. This is meant to prevent the brain from translating these triggers into feelings of pain.

It could take a few treatments to fully see the effects of Botox blocking migraine pain.

Am I a good candidate?

Botox is only approved by the FDA when used for chronic migraines. For your migraines to be considered “chronic,” you have to be having them for at least half of the month (15+ days).

If that is not the case, Botox is generally not recommended as a treatment option.

What is Botox, anyway?

Botox is a neurotoxin. When the toxin is purified and administered to patients in micro-does, it can reduce the amount of muscle contractions in an area of the face and head. The effects last 3 months on average.

If you want the full scoop with all of the details on what botox is and how it works, you can find it all right here!

How long does a Botox appointment take?

When you come in for your first Botox treatment at Chicago Cosmetic Institute, you can expect your appointment to last about 20 minutes. Keep in mind it can take three to seven days for Botox to show its full effects.

Is Botox covered by insurance when used for migraines?

If you are receiving Botox treatment for chronic migraine, it is covered under most health insurance plans. This includes Medicare and Medicaid.

Insurance companies can require you to seek out two other preventative treatments for chronic migraine before resorting to Botox. This can be mandatory before seeking out Botox treatment. There are other medications sometimes recommended to help prevent migraines.

Finding Botox doctors for migraines

Not every doctor who administers Botox in their practice does so for treatment of migraines. You should first speak to a neurologist or a doctor who specializes in headaches or migraines. 


Chronic migraines are painful and constant. They can make it unbearable to do simple things or to just live a happy and normal, stress-free life. Botox is an alternative treatment for migraines that has shown great effects for many people. If you are interested in learning more about Botox for chronic migraines, get in touch with the good doctors and staff of Chicago Cosmetic Institute.

A quick interview session with a doctor could get you on your way to living pain free in the near future. 

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