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Liposuction Chicago

Chicago Cosmetic Institute provides some of the best results in liposuction in the greater Chicago area.

Whether you’re tired the way you look, weighed down by saddlebags, sick of cellulite, or simply in need of a lift, we not only have the solutions, we know how to get it done in the least invasive, most comfortable, and most effective ways possible. Our goal: you – at your very best!

Information on the liposuction suite of services offered at Chicago Cosmetic Institute is located just below. If you still have questions, you can get in touch with us for more information. We would be happy to hear about how we can improve and provide better information to our current and potential patients.


Reshaping Bodies in Chicago

Genetics, gravity, and other forces seem to conspire against us having the ideal body. Diet and exercise alone are often not enough to correct the issues we have with our bodies. The body retains fat in different areas for each person.

Liposuction can offer the solution you need to have the shape you want quickly and safely with minimal downtime. There are different types of liposuction procedures. Smart Lipo, Water Lipo, and Power Assisted Lipo are some of the most recent advances. All techniques are explained here in this guide. CCI can help you find the one that fits your needs and expectations best. Consult with us today.

Aside from lipo, we offer many other body shaping procedures, many of which are non-surgical. This cosmetic body procedures guide outlines all of the services we offer for body reshaping at our location in Irving Park, Chicago.


Helping to Achieve the Perfect Body

Body contouring isn’t a new concept. It’s been going on now for quite a while and is talked about quite frequently. Liposuction and contouring of the fatty areas of the body help bring the body to where our patients want it to be. Diet and exercise alone are sometimes not enough to achieve that perfect body the patients want more than anything. 

Liposuction has become much easier, faster and more effective through the use of Laser Lipo and Smart Lipo. The use of laser treatments in lipo allows us to melt fat before suctioning it, and offer you the body you want with much less bruising or bleeding.

Healing time for these procedures is faster now with the use of lasers. You can have the smooth, firm body you’ve been hoping to achieve with less downtime.

Am I a Good Candidate for Liposuction?

Liposuction is not for everyone. Clients who are the best fit for liposuction generally have large areas of excess fatty tissue that need to be removed. When there is a much smaller area of fat to deal with, but patients want to pursue clinical treatments, we recommend CoolSculpting and other less surgical treatments. If you are healthy and have excessive fat in areas that affect your appearance or make your body seem disproportionate, this procedure may be a good option for you. Consulting with one of the doctors here at Chicago Cosmetic Institute is a pre-requisite to any surgical or non-surgical treatments.

Liposuction is good for those who want a major fat reduction, definition, and a more attractive shape. If you approach this type of procedure realistically, seeing the change you want is possible. Our experienced and professional staff can consult with you about your expectations and inform you of the best options available. Get in touch with us anytime. We would be happy to walk you through it.

Getting Rid of Stubborn Fat with Liposuction

Some fat cells in the body are resistant to conventional fat loss techniques. These “pockets” of fat develop in places that the body has a hard time targeting through diet and exercise alone. Where your body stores stubborn fat is a matter of heredity. For some, it’s under the navel, while for others it produces love handles or saddlebags. No matter where this resistant fat collects, Chicago Cosmetic Institute can help you restore your body.

Modern Liposuction Methods Available at CCI:

CCI is constantly striving to stay on the cutting edge with our cosmetic procedures in the area of Liposuction. Smart Lipo, Laser Lipo, Body Jet Lipo, and Power Assisted Lipo are relatively new offerings that yield some incredible results. Liposuction has never before been as efficient as it is today.


Smart Lipo AKA Laser Lipo

Laser assisted liposuction is also known as SmartLipo or Laser Lipo. This procedure uses a laser to melt fat with heat before suction takes place, making removal easier. The laser lipo technique is found to cause less bleeding and bruising of the surrounding tissue. The liquefied fat is much easier to suction out and the body lets go of it with less resistance.

Body Jet Lipo

Body Jet lipo is similar in many ways to laser-assisted liposuction. Much like the laser is used in Smart Lipo, Body Jet utilizes the power of water to loosen the fat cells before they are eventually extracted. This technique is also commonly referred to as “Water Lipo”

This non-invasive treatment uses the power of water instead of a laser to target fat. Just like traditional liposuction, the fat is removed, but with much less bruising or swelling in the area surrounding the removal site, and ultimately offers you a significantly shorter recovering period.

Is Body Jet Liposuction as Effective as Smart Lipo?

To be honest, it isn’t really fair to compare the two treatments. Often, they are performed in unison to take advantage of each techniques’ individual strengths and provide the best result.

Many patients like the idea of water assisted liposuction rather than having to use a laser.  A water jet has a more natural persona. Patients tend to prefer the idea of water entering the body as more a more natural option. Both techniques are very effective and are recommended on a per client basis. 

If you would like to tell us more about your particular situation and hear our opinions on your best course of action, get in touch here.

 Who Can Benefit from Body Jet Lipo?

If either traditional liposuction or procedures using lasers are not the methods you want to use, and you want to see the stubborn fat gone from trouble spots then this procedure could be a great fit. This is also a good method of Lipo if you are considering a body lift as it keeps recovery time low.

Power Assisted Lipo

Power assisted liposuction uses fast rotations or probing to manually destroy fat. Using a motor or compressed air the fat is broken away for easier removal.

Tummy Tuck

Tummy Tuck Chicago: The Flat, Toned Tummy You Want

A tummy tuck or abdominoplasty is an effective surgical method of getting rid of loose skin and fat from the abdomen. This gives the area under the navel a smoother, firmer look. As this procedure also tightens the muscles in your abdominal wall, it’s a benefit if you have tried unsuccessfully to change the appearance of this trouble spot through exercise. This is also a good option for those who have lost weight and have loose skin, or women who have had children.

Experience Makes a Difference

Along with information, and confidential consultation about cosmetic procedures we offer you a staff that is experienced in a wide range of surgical and non-invasive services. We can help you see the results you want. If you are considering plastic surgery, liposuction, Botox, or other methods to look and feel more confident, then we can help you find the best options available.

The Reasons to Consider a Tummy Tuck

By heredity, many people store fat in the lower abdominal area. No amount of exercise or dieting will change the shape of this area if this is the case. Others see stretch marks, skin folds, excessive skin, or loose muscle tissue in this area. Trouble spots such as this can diminish your self-confidence, but a tummy tuck can change the appearance of the abdominal smoothing and tightening the area.

Finding the Best Cellulite Treatment for You

Cellulite is a common problem. It has the habit of developing on the places where you least like it to show up. The breasts, the thighs, the back of the calves are all parts of the body you are otherwise proud of except for the development of the lumps and bumps created by cellulite causing a protrusion of fat under the skin.

The Trouble with Cellulite

Diet and exercise are not going to make this subcutaneous fatty tissue go away. Caused by a combination of factors that include specific hormones this problem is a matter of genetic predisposition. Our professional staff is familiar with this problem and the ways to successfully treat it. We can offer solutions for trouble areas which are safe and effective.

A New Cellulite Treatment

One treatment we can discuss with you is Cellulaze. This new treatment addresses the problem at its origin. The procedure centers on the fibrous tissue that’s causing the bumps and dimpling on the skin’s surface. Our qualified doctors use a minimally invasive laser to fatty tissue and then smooth out the skin. The fact that’s released is then pushed out by pressure on the surface of the skin. One of the benefits of this procedure is that it promotes new collagen, giving your skin a natural, firmer appearance. This also diminishes the chances of cellulite developing in this area again. Effective and long lasting this is an option we can discuss with you during a private consultation.

Lift Procedures

Brazilian Butt Lift Chicago: Love Your Butt

The Brazilian butt lift uses the fat-relocation method to move fatty tissue from less desirable areas into the backside, giving it a more curvy shape. Liposuction is performed first to remove fat from other areas of the body such as the stomach, hips, and thighs. The fat is then injected into the butt, bringing it to a fuller size and rounder profile. Additional lipo is sometimes done around the butt to improve the appearance of lift and contour.

Liposuction is performed first to remove fat from other areas of the body such as the stomach, hips, and thighs. The fat is then injected into the butt and re-shaped, bringing it to a fuller size and rounder profile. Additional lipo is sometimes done around the butt to improve the appearance of lift and contour when needed.

Arm Lift

Drooping and sagging skin on the upper arms is hard to control without surgery. This lift procedure removes the excess skin and fat from these areas, bringing the arms back to a more youthful appearance.

Thigh Lift

Thigh Lift surgery reduces the excess skin in the area of the thigh, giving it a smooth, firm look. Body contouring is often necessary after weight loss. The face, breasts, abdomen, buttocks, thighs and arms can all have a lift or liposuction procedure at the same time shaping the body for a natural, healthy appearance.

Post Weight Loss Body Lifts

The body lift doesn’t remove the excess fat, but it does remove the sagging fat and skin around the areas where folds can develop. The buttocks, groin, thighs, and abdomen will develop sags and folds as you experience changes in muscle tone or weight. The lift is often done at the same time as liposuction.

Stretch Mark Removal

Stretch Mark Treatments in Chicago

Your Personal Stretch Mark Removal Options

It doesn’t matter how they developed stretch marks are hard to live with and have an impact on how you feel about your body. Pregnancy is the most common reason these form, but stretch marks can also become a problem after weight loss, or in some cases because of genetic factors. Both men and women can see these deep grooves or light puckered marks on the skin develop. There are several treatment options available to lessen or remove these from the stomach, breasts, upper arms, thighs, or hips, and restore a natural smooth appearance to the skin.

What is a Stretch Mark?

Usually, striae or stretch marks will show up as a vertical strip of recessed skin. These usually start out as deep red or purple and fade over time, but can leave the skin with a puckered, irregular appearance. The puckered area is uneven and ridge-like, making it look much like a scar. These marks develop when the collagen in the skin breaks down or stretches beyond the point it can return to a normal smooth shape. Hormones such as glucocorticoids work against those who are pregnant or who undergo long periods of weight gain or loss. These hormone levels increase the risk of collagen breakdown underneath the skin.

Stretch Marks Removal

Only a few types of stretch marks are helped with creams or other similar remedies. Deeper marks with ridges and grooves within this skin will need treatment such as dermabrasion and laser treatments. Often for the most natural and smooth effect possible this treatment will need to be spaced out over time.

Our professional staff can also offer other methods of stretch mark removal such as a tummy tuck. The tummy tuck can permanently remove stretch marks below the navel quickly, and also remove excess skins that can cause deep folds.


CoolSculpting Chicago: Non-Surgical Fat Loss, Session by Session

Do you have areas on your body that diet and exercise plan just cannot seem to get rid of? A scientific breakthrough in the area of body-contouring, CoolSculpting® is an easy, safe, and effective way to literally freeze fat in those stubborn areas of your body that you don’t want it anymore. Learn more about CoolSculpting.

Before & After: Cosmetic Body Procedures

46 year old before & after liposuction of abdomen Previous

36 year old before & after liposuction of abdomen & flanks

27 year old before & after BodyJet water-assisted liposuction of outer thighs (front view)

31 year old before & after ultrasound assisted liposuction (UAL) of inner & outer thighs

29 year old before & after tummy tuck

46 year old before & after tummy tuck

Cosmetic Eye Results Woman


Mommy Makeover


Cosmetic Face Results Woman


Cosmetic Body Results Woman


Cosmetic Skin Results Woman


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